Video week July 20 through 26

In ‘Look of Silence,’ Relatives of Indonesian Genocide Victims Seek Answers Published July 18, 2015 Two documentaries about the unreconciled history of mass killings in Indonesia 50 years ago are leading to calls for change in that country – and for the U.S. to apologize for its own part in sanctioning the bloodshed. VOA’s Carolyn Weaver has more about “The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence,” both by American filmmaker Josh Oppenheimer. Replacing Poppies with Coffee in MyanmarRead more

Russian Help on Iran Less Promising on Syria, Ukraine

Russian Help on Iran Less Promising on Syria, Ukraine. MOSCOW—U.S.-Russian collaboration to secure a deal on Iran’s nuclear program has raised hopes of closer cooperation on other world issues, but analysts say any progress is likely to be slow in coming. A Kremlin statement issued shortly after the July 14 nuclear deal said Presidents Obama and Vladimir Putin had agreed in a telephone conversation to work together on “certain other current international matters, including countering international terrorism.” The White House,Read more

China Slams Obama’s Africa Trip

China Slams Obama’s Africa Trip. China’s state media are disparaging U.S. President Barack Obama’s travels in Africa as motivated by concern over Beijing’s broadening clout on the continent. The United States “obviously lacks a consistent Africa policy” and sees China as a rival for influence and economic opportunities “instead of another constructive power to bring welfare to the land,” opinion reporter Liu Zhun wrote in an op-ed published Monday in the English-language Global Times. “The U.S. used to be aRead more

Liberians Mark 168 Years of Independence

Liberians Mark 168 Years of Independence. Liberia celebrated 168 years of independence Sunday with mixed feelings about the state of progress in areas like the economy. In an informal survey conducted by the independent FrontPage Africa newspaper of Liberia, some Liberians said their country has regressed in the quality of education, health care, the fight against corruption, employment, and good governance. Here in Washington, hundreds gathered Saturday at the Liberian Embassy to participate in an all-day cultural extravaganza to markRead more

Millions Exploited by Vast Fortunes of Human Trafficking

Millions Exploited by Vast Fortunes of Human Trafficking. The U.S. State Department says widespread human trafficking is helping fuel vast fortunes on the world economy, leaving millions of people exploited by unscrupulous labor overseers and sex traders “in virtually every country of the world.” In its annual human rights report, the State Department called the exploitation “modern slavery,” brutalizing girls and women into prostitution and forcing men, women and children into low-wage jobs across the globe, if they are evenRead more

Obama Urges Ethiopia to ‘Open Political Space’

Obama Urges Ethiopia to ‘Open Political Space’. ADDIS ABABA—President Barack Obama says the United States and Ethiopia are “strong partners” on many issues, but is urging the government to allow journalists and opposition parties to operate more freely. In a news conference Monday with Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, Obama praised Ethiopia’s economic record, noting the country has lifted millions out of dire poverty, and said Ethiopia has played a vital role in fighting the Somali militant group Al-Shabab. TheRead more

TPP Trade Deal Great for corporation little for the rest of us

TPP Trade Deal Great for corporation little for the rest of us. WASHINGTON—Talks on the complex and controversial Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) are said to be nearing completion as top negotiators from 12 nations gathered Friday in Hawaii. Trade ministers will join the talks next Tuesday in an effort to resolve remaining issues. If completed, the TPP would cut tariffs and trade barriers among participants, something supporters say would boost economic growth. The TPP nations are Japan, Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam,Read more

Blast Kills 13 in Popular Mogadishu Hotel

Blast Kills 13 in Popular Mogadishu Hotel. At least 13 people were killed in Somalia’s capital Sunday when a car bomb exploded outside a hotel that hosts the Chinese and Egyptian embassies. Somali militant group Al-Shabab has claimed responsibility for the blast that targeted the Hotel Jazeera near Mogadishu International Airport. The hotel is often used by members of parliament and journalists in addition to foreign diplomats. The death toll comes from ambulance services who say they also took moreRead more

Israeli Security Forces Clash with Palestinians at Jerusalem Mosque

Israeli Security Forces Clash with Palestinians at Jerusalem Mosque. Israeli police clashed Sunday with Palestinian protesters at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque, as Jews visited the site they revere as the Temple Mount on an annual day of mourning. Palestinians threw stones and fireworks at Israeli authorities as police fired stun grenades to quell the protest in Jerusalem’s old city. Security forces briefly entered the mosque to restore calm and locked the demonstrators inside. There were an undisclosed number of arrests andRead more

Taliban Seizes Key Afghan Military Base

Taliban Seizes Key Afghan Military Base. ISLAMABAD—Authorities in northeastern Afghanistan confirmed Sunday the Taliban has captured a key military base in overnight clashes after more than 100 Afghan security forces surrendered to the insurgents. Fighting in the Tirgaran area of Badakhshan province erupted Friday night when scores of rebels staged coordinated attacks on several security outposts, the provincial police chief told reporters. He said border police force personnel at the base surrendered to the Taliban because they were besieged andRead more